Testimonials from clients, colleagues and top media contacts

It’s always been a pleasure to work with Tony Berlin. He understands the needs and deadlines of broadcast news.

Guy Campanile

Senior Producer for CBS News

Tony is a former news reporter who hasn’t lost his instinct for news. When working with Tony, I was always impressed by his ability to find the hook to leverage on behalf of client accounts. He is also one of the most positive and upbeat guys in the PR biz.

John Scally
Media Relations Expert

I worked with Tony for over 6 years, first as a client,then a contractor, then as an employer. Tony’s encyclopedic knowledge of the media world, his vast network of reporters, editors, writers and producers is without peer. He is an incredibly hard worker, loves his craft and is loved and admired by his co-workers, his contacts and the members of his profession. He is entirely focused, committed and tireless when it comes to promoting a story. For those seeking a first class pr/media machine, he is your guy!

Adam Levin
Identity Theft 911 & Credit.com

Tony’s a pro at both pitching and follow up. He booked me for an interview with one of the top radio hosts in the country and during break the host told me the package Tony had provided him for the interview was one of the best he had seen. Other reporters complimented Tony’s work to me as well.

Gerri Detweiler
Host at Talk Credit Radio

It is always a pleasure to work with Tony. He really knows the key elements to make a financial story come to life. He only pitches relevant topics and is great at tailoring the pitch to the needs of a specific media outlet. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for exceptional representation.

Erika Miller
TV Business Journalist

Tony is a great PR manager who provides interesting guests and has a good pulse on what stories matter to the public. He is very easy to reach and helpful on short-notice, which is the sign of a top-notch PR manager. I can trust when he recommends an expert to me that the person will be informative, energetic and a quality guest.

Ari Ashe
WTOP Radio in DC

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